Survey: Newark is the World’s Most Unfriendly City

Even with all of the wonderful pockets of hope in Newark- the Ironbound, our numerous premiere higher education institutions, Prudential Center, the Newark Museum, one of the most important airports in the world, sadly all of the efforts are still not enough to rate against hard facts on crime within the city.

Rated the “Most unfriendly city in the World” is about as low of a blow a city and state can be dealt. New Jersey also has Atlantic City ranking as in the top ten, as determined by Conde’ Nast. Not our finest hour as no other area in the world has 2 cities in the top ten.

I could rant about the sociology and government failures, but even though the rest of the world views us through a microscope of criminal notoriety – most of us Jerseyans can clearly read between the lines. Either way, it’s a real tough nut to crack.