“I Spy” Challenge: NJ Highway Edition


Here’s a fun challenge for your next commute. Find all the items listed below, or compete with other passengers to see who can spot them first.

1. Vanity plates

2. Tailgater flashing headlights

3. Silver Alert

4. Plastic bag with tape serving as temporary window

5. Car driving with “doughnut” spare tire

6. Nose picker

7. “Stronger than the Storm” sticker

8. Stuffed animals decorating back dashboard

9. The everlasting blinker (forgot to turn it off)

10. Motorcycle illegally riding the white lines in slow traffic

11. Cop on cell phone

12. Braking for cop on opposite side of highway

13. Cars competing in a “cut off” battle

14. Hot construction worker

15. Someone singing while driving

16. “Fast & Furious” Honda Civic (hideous wing, loud muffler w zero effect on power)

17. National flag (any country) hanging from rearview

18. Out of state driver in left lane being antagonized by passing NJ person (look for the “why?” hand gesture)

19. Import car way out of reasonable price range for the average person

20. Devils bumper sticker

21. Truck driver drinking coffee

22. Roadkill

23. Disabled vehicle on side of road

24. Passengers having an argument while driving (in same car)

25. Teenager texting while driving

26. American flag on overpass

27. Two-tone paint job

28. Someone in the act of littering

29. Jerk waiting until the LAST second to realize they’re in the wrong EZ-Pass lane

30. Guy with a mullet (or girl, you never know around here)

31. Mattress strapped to top of car

32. Shady looking van

33. Someone pulled over to go pee on side of road

34. Weird smell appearing out of nowhere (farts don’t count)

35. Truck with message written by a finger in its dirt (“Wash Me,” etc)

36. Graffiti

37. Rutgers “R” logo (anywhere counts)

38. Vehicle that clearly should fail emissions (look for black smoke plumes)

39. Out-of-stater using navigation system

40. Pothole that makes your IPod or CD skip





Jersey Restaurant Rave: Hillery Street Grill

From an unassuming strip-store complex on a quiet corner of Totowa, Hillery Street Grill offers a refuge of familiarity on the Passaic River for a busy working-class small town.

We live right down the street and discovered the place initially through a local newspaper coupon; we’ve been eating there about once a month ever since.

Hillery Street is family owned; used to be called “Ray’s Place,” in case you were a former fan hoping they’d return. Heather, the owner, is very hands-on. She waits on customers along with the rest of the staff and her welcoming attitude makes you feel right at home. All of the staff we’ve encountered there have been attentive and friendly.

Very comfy inside, interior has a warm palette, it’s always clean. I like that the local newspaper is usually left around somewhere if you want to read while waiting. At the counter, you’ll find just a few home-made desserts, but their authentic look makes one imagine they were made in a grandmother’s kitchen fresh daily.

Customers are mostly local folks, but as with most North Jersey establishments, it’s just as likely to see a high profile business firm out for lunch as the senior social club.

They make good use of space with seating: counter, table, and booths are available for single, couple, and group eating.

Favorites of mine include “Ray’s Special Salad” and tuna melt with cheddar; I confess that I actually crave their grilled chicken club wrap once a month, on average. No one in town makes it as good, what can I say.